ZapMachine: Who gives you the right?

With the help of Dropstuff and the BKVB fund we where able to present our work at the preview days of the Venice Biennale.

Step 1: add a word using the ApFab touch-screen.
Step 2: Our ZapMachine will grab an image from the Internet. This image is the most important visual representation of that word, at that time, according to the current Internet authority Google.
Step 3: The individual images are incorporated into a new context, creating a new tense state of meaning and random relations.

With “Zapmachine: Who gave you the right?” we are asking the following questions:
How much control do we have over the generated collage as artists?
How much influence do you have on this process.
How does the collage relate to the initial intention by which the image was uploaded on the Internet by the original author?
Who is the author of this Zap collage?



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