DISEASE & REMEDY Zap diptych for the Department of education @ UMCG Hospital (Groningen, NL).

To generate source material for the collages, we held a survey under students of the hospital. In the survey we asked participants which search queries they last used in their study. These results were divided into two categories: DISEASE & REMEDY. 
The terms that were most often selected by the students where used to generate images* with our Zap software. Then the Zap software combined all the individual images into a new context, creating a new tense state of meaning and random relations. Finally the initial words were used as the title for each collage.

The words in the title link to the original images used for the Zap collages.
ApFab - UMCG Zap - Kwaal


ApFab - UMCG Zap - Remedie


*Each image is the most important visual representation of that word, at that time, according to the current Internet authority Google.



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