Wax is like Lego 2.0. (Construction)
In my studio, I try to rediscover the fun I had with toys as a kid. I used to spend hours dissecting them and creating new toys from the various parts. Remember the evil kid from Toy Story? Very similar… As an adult, I have more skills (and artistic education) than I did in those days. Sculpting still gives me the same sense of gratification as trans-mutating my transformers did. With sculpting wax however, the varieties of transformations are limitless. My sculptures are essentially assemblages: I collect kitsch, art, and toys. I then make molds and cast wax copies of the fragments. These wax parts are  assembled into a new sculpture which I cast in bronze.

The quest for an identity (the characters)
Like their physical appearance, the personalities of my sculptures are ‘copied and pasted’. They are empty shells, masks, facades. The process by which they acquire an identity is one of desperately grabbing on to any reference they can. As a sculptor I try to freeze them in this quest. They are frozen in metal, similar to Han Solo, in the midst of their adventure.


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